Getting Started
A Getting Started Guide to answer common questions and help you get up and running.

Welcome to Formitize

Welcome to Formitize!

This Getting Started Guide answers many frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact our super friendly Support Team through the Help Menu (top right hand corner of your Portal).

We really look forward to delivering a great solution for your company.

1. Introduction  
1.1 Welcome to Formitize  
2. The Formitize App  
2.1 How to download the Formitize App  
2.2 Quick Overview of the Mobile App  
2.3 Starting a New Form in the App  
2.4 Syncing & Saving  
2.5 Submitting Forms in the App  
2.6 Jobs in the App  
2.7 Resources in the App  
2.8 Contacts (CRM) in the App  
2.9 Diary in the App  
2.10 Leads in the App  
3. The Management Portal  
3.1 A Quick Guided Tour of the Management Portal  
3.2 Jobs / Tasks  
3.3 Viewing Submitted Forms  
3.4 Viewing PDF Reports  
3.5 Building your own Forms  
3.6 Form Actions - triggering different actions when a form is submitted  
3.7 Resources  
3.8 Email Log  
3.9 Creating CSV / Excel Reports on Submitted Form Data  
3.10 Adding Database Lookup Tables  
4. Job Management  
4.1 Adding and Managing Users  
4.2 User Groups  
4.3 Dispatching Jobs  
4.4 Uploading Jobs  
4.5 The Scheduler  
5. Formitize CRM  
5.1 Formitize CRM  
5.2 CRM Home Dashboard Module  
5.3 Contacts Module  
5.4 Jobs Module  
5.5 Accounts Module  
5.6 Schedule Module  
5.7 Reports Module  

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