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2.3 Starting a New Form in the App

NOTE: You can only start a new form in the App if a Form has been created in the Management Portal and deployed to your App.

If you do not have any existing forms in your account, go to your Management Portal and then select Forms > Build/Edit Form.

The Form Builder has 3 options:

      1. Build Your Own Form (using the drag and drop Form Builder), or
      2. Use the Form Wizard (many standard business forms are available and the Wizard will ask some questions and then build the form for you), or
      3. Upload a Form (and the Formitize Team will build it for you)

upload form

NOTE: You can also complete forms directly in the Management Portal. To access your forms in the Management Portal, go to Forms > Start / Resume Form

Start Resume Form

Once you have added a new Form and deployed it, it will be visible in your Forms list in the App.

To access Forms, select the Forms icons from the Main Menu:


Then select the form you want to use from the forms list and you are away!

Form List

Let us build your form for you

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