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3.4 Viewing PDF Reports

To view the PDF generated from a Submitted Form, follow the path:

Forms > Submitted Forms > View Submitted Form > View PDF

View PDF

Multiple PDF Reports can be designed to extract information from a Submitted Form and present it in different ways. You can view the available PDF Reports from the dropdown menu.

If a customized PDF Report has not been created for your form, you will have access to the Default Reports that are automatically generated.

F1 Report: Standard Default Report style. Will add your logo, contact details and colour automatically. Questions on left and responses on right. Standard Footer Information.

F1 Minimal Report: this is the same as F1 Report, just in a more compact layout.

F1 Email Notification: this is the default look and content for all Email notifications generated

Email PDF: You can email the PDF instantly from this page by simply entering the email address and clicking the green “Email PDF” button.

Email PDF

Download PDF: You also have the option to download a copy of the PDF to your own storage solution at any time.

Download PDF

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