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3.3 Viewing Submitted Forms

Every form that has been submitted is available to view in the Submitted Forms Page.

To access the Submitted Forms page go to Forms > Submitted Forms in the menu

Submitted Forms

The other way to view your Submitted Forms is via the “Quicklink Button” located on various pages throughout the Portal.

View Submitted Forms

In the Submitted Forms page, select the Form that you would like to view

You will then be taken to the Submitted Form page, this shows all of the information that was collected in the Form. If you have the permission to edit the Submitted Form page, the fields of the Form will be editable, otherwise they are locked to prevent editing.

You will note a Submenu at the top of the page:

Quick Navigation

Quick-Nav: enables you to locate and navigate quickly to the section of the form that you wish to review.
Details: shows the key information regarding the creation of the Form
History: keeps an audit trail recording of all changes made to the Submitted Form including updates, changes, status changes and more.

View PDF: enables you to view the PDF created from the Submitted Form

There is more information on Viewing PDF Reports in the next section.

Action options:


Convert to Job: enables a Submitted Form to be converted to a New Job. This will bring all of the form information from the Submitted Form across to the new job to save time re-entering the data. The only information that is not transferred is photos and signatures.

Export CSV: transfers the Submitted Form data into a CSV file (note there are a lot of other CSV reporting tools available in the Tools > CSV Report Builder menu option)

Export XML: transfers the Submitted Form data into an XML file.

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