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2.2 Quick Overview of the Mobile App

app FORMS - The Forms module contains any forms that you have in your account based on your login credentials. Different User Groups can see different forms in their account.

JOBS - The Jobs module lists Jobs that have been assigned to the user. At the top of the page, you can filter to view ALL Jobs or Jobs for the DAY or WEEK. There is also a QUEUE feature for dispatching the job to multiple users and whoever accepts the job first is assigned with the job.

RESOURCES - The Resources module is an eLibrary Document Management Solution. Simply upload documents in the Management Portal and they will be visible to users in the App. Permissions are included to determine who can see what documents. There is also a document expiry notification system included to monitor expiring documents.

CONTACTS - The Contacts module is the mobile CRM. You can create new Contacts and view all related information about the contact including Billing Details, Different People, Different Locations, Active Jobs, Notes, Leads, Quote, Invoices and Expenses related to the contact

ACCOUNTS - The Accounts Module enables management of Quotes, Invoices and Expenses. Quotes are filtered between Open, Accepted and Expired. Invoices are filtered by Unpaid, Overdue and Paid.

DIARY - The Diary Module shows enables quick navigation to month and day to view the jobs scheduled. New Jobs can be added and re-scheduled.

LEADS - The Leads Module helps you manage sales enquiries. Sales Lead stages can be custom names and linked to the percentage likelihood of success to help value the future sales value of your leads.


Swipe an entry from the left in most cases opens the COMMUNICATION OPTIONS such as email, SMS and Calls

Sliding from the right opens the ACTION OPTIONS such as Accept, Reject, New Quote, New Invoice, New Job.
navigation slide left

You will find more information on each of these modules later in the Getting Started Guide

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