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2.9 Diary in the App

The Diary show all jobs by their appointment time and date and allows new jobs to be added in the App with visibility of the time slots available as per image below.

You can scroll months and and years using the scrolling options at the top of the calendar and as you change details, you have visibility of the scheduled jobs in the background.


New Jobs

New Jobs can be added by either selecting NEW in the top right hand corner of the App or selecting the round plus button in the bottom right as below.

When viewing a day, you can return to the calendar view by selecting “View Calendar” in the bottom left of the app as also shown below.



The usual swiping functionality is also available in the Diary, from the left to communicate and from the right to action as shown in the images below:

Swipe From the right > Job Actions


Swipe from the left > Communicate


Actions: Swipe Left and Right and Top Menu

As with other elements of the App, swiping from the left enables communication with the contact and swiping from the right opens available actions. Different items have different related actions when swiping from the right.

Actions Menu

In the top right hand corner of the App there is a primary Actions Menu represented by three horizontal dots, when the menu is selected, a dropdown of options related to the contact is available as shown below:

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