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2.8 Contacts (CRM) in the App

Contacts are anyone that you communicate with - typically classified as Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Contractors.

The Contacts module enables you to manage your relationships and communications and includes the following components:

Contact Details > Billing Details, Multiple People and Multiple Locations for the contact.
Jobs > Listing all Active Jobs for the contact and their current status and enabling new jobs to be added
Notes > Showing all notes related to the contact and enabling new notes to be added
Leads > To manage leads created for the contact and create new lead opportunities
Accounts > To view the Quotes, Invoices and Expenses related to the contact and filter by status

In the same way, in most instances you can swipe from the left to communicate with the client and swipe from the right to trigger actions and change the status of items.

Contacts Page

The image below shows the Contacts Page in the App


The following Contact Modules are available as Tabs across the top of the page to avoid opening and closing different pages. The Module often contains a sub-menu available underneath each module.

ContactsBilling Details > People > Locations
JobsActive Jobs
NotesHistory of Notes
LeadsOpen > Closed
AccountsQuotes > Invoices > Expenses

The Quotes, Invoices and Expenses then has another menu for each item to filter further as in image below:

QuotesOpen > Accepted > Expired
InvoicesUnpaid > Overdue > Paid
ExpensesUnpaid > Overdue > Paid


Actions: Swipe Left and Right and Top Menu

As with other elements of the App, swiping from the left enables communication with the contact and swiping from the right opens available actions. Different items have different related actions when swiping from the right.

Actions Menu

In the top right hand corner of the App there is a primary Actions Menu represented by three horizontal dots, when the menu is selected, a dropdown of options related to the contact is available as shown below:


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