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2.7 Resources in the App

Access the Resources module by selecting the Resources icon in the main menu


What is the Resources Module?

The Resources module is a powerful document management system to ensure that everyone has the latest copies of all documents, all the time.

Adding Documents to Resources

In the Management Portal, you can create your own Folders and then add documents to those Folders. The documents will be then be visible as Read-Only files in the App.

Resources List

What can Resources be Used For?

This is a great tool for documents like Pricing Schedules, Catalogs, Safety Information, MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets), Licences, Insurance Certificate, Vehicle Documentation and so much more.

You can assign different Resources to different User Groups.

Expiry Date with Auto-Notifications

You can also include an Expiry Date to documents with an automated Reminder system included to remind you that your document is approaching its expiry date.

Linking Resources to the Drawing Tool

You can upload images to Resources that can then be accessed by the Drawing Tool in the App. So from the office, you can upload a Floor Plan for example into the Resources Plans Folder. A field user can then access the plan from their Resource folder and import the Floor Plan into the Drawing Tool enabling them to draw and make notes straight onto the Floor Plan. There are many great applications for this tool.

Find out more about the management of Resources in the Resources section of the Management Portal Guide.

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