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2.6 Jobs in the App

To access Jobs in the App, select the Jobs icon


You will then have access to any Jobs that have been assigned to your User account.

NOTE: Jobs are assigned to Users from the Jobs Section of the Management Portal:

Job Menu

When you Open the Jobs Module, you can filter to view ALL Jobs or Jobs for the DAY or WEEK. There is also a QUEUE feature for a “taxi rank” style of dispatching jobs to multiple users - whoever accepts the job first is assigned with the job. This is an ideal option for clients with multiple subcontractors in an area or labor hire type businesses.

So for example, you can view your Jobs for today (or run sheet) by selecting DAY. The number beside the Filter details how many jobs are in each category. In the example below, there are 13 Jobs waiting.

Job Filters

You can create a NEW job in the App by either selecting NEW in the top right hand corner or by selecting the round Plus button ( + ) in the bottom right hand corner as shown in the image below.

As is common throughout the App, to communicate with the Contact linked to the Job, swipe from left. Note the Call, SMS and Email features will only work if the required numbers are available.

Job Filters

Job Actions

As is also common throughout the App, swiping from the right enables Actions related to the Job

Job Filters

ACCEPT - The green Accept button formally accepts the job. This will change the status of the job in the Scheduler to Accepted.

REJECT - The Yellow REJECT button formally rejects the job. This will change the status of the job to Unassigned and will require re-scheduling and dispatching from the Management Portal.

RE- SCHEDULE - The grey RESCHEDULE button enables the user to re-schedule the job appointment to another time.

Accepted Job

Once a job has been Accepted, it can be started by either selecting the blue START JOB button or if travel is involved, by selecting the orange ON ROUTE. The green SUBMIT button is to submit the job when complete.

Job Filters

On Route

When ON ROUTE is selected, the following page is available showing the location of the job and the user’s current location. Travel time is monitored and the “Get Directions” option provided route assistance. There are four options at the bottom of the page:

PAUSE - pause for travel break.
ARRIVED - indicating user has arrived at the job location
LATE - enabling the user to communicate with the customer by phone or send a late message SMS
CANCEL - to cancel the On Route status

Job Filters


If late is selected (and the SMS option chosen) a window will appear with the late message as below. The Contact’s mobile/cell number will auto-populate if known. The user simply needs to enter the expected arrival time at the end of the message to keep the customer fully informed. Names and Company names will auto-populate if the CRM solution is being used.

Job Filters


Once the user has arrived on site and selected ARRIVED, the page will appear as below. The Details section of the job has been compressed, however the user can simply click on the Details header to expand the section and review the job details again.

To Start the job, simply select START JOB and this will reveal the forms required for the job type.

Job Filters

Starting the Job

To Start the job, simply select START JOB and this will reveal the forms required for the job type. In the example below, there is one Safety First form to be completed ( Job Prestart Record) and two Job Forms to be completed ( Invoice and Work Order)

Safety First forms are created the same way as any other form, but are designated as a Safety First form by checking the Safety FIrst Form box when creating the form. You can then set rules for the Safety First Forms as to whether they must be completed before the Jobs forms can be accessed. This rule is managed in Job Types or in the Create Job page.

The status of the Forms (in the example below, all are currently “ NOT STARTED” ) will automatically update as progress of the forms is made.

Job Filters

Safety First

The message below is what the user will see if they attempt to commence one of the Job forms before completing the Safety First forms. This is a conditional setting in the Job Type.

Job Types enable different Safety First forms to be added for the different Job Types and the completion rules can also be customized on a Job Type basis.

Job Filters

SUBMIT - Job completed.

Once all forms have been completed, the Job is ready to be Submitted and all related actions will be triggered.

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