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2.10 Leads in the App

Leads are sales opportunities waiting to be converted to sales.

Leads can either be populated from existing sources (if the functionality is available) or can be manually added in the App by selecting NEW in the top right hand corner, or by selecting the round plus button in the bottom right.

The Leads module (also called Sales Pipeline) assists users in managing new enquiries and making sure a lead is never lost or forgotten.

A sales lead can also be nurtured through a sales pipeline based on different stages that you can customize for your business. A sales lead can also be nurtured through a sales pipeline based on different stages that you can customize for your business.

Lead Stages (Sales Pipeline)

You can see the example Sales Stages in the image below > ALL, LOST, WARM, HOT, COLD and CONVERTED. You can have as many stages as you like and call them whatever you chose to suit your business process. NOTE - if you have a lot of stages, the filters below will scroll so that you have access to them all. When you select on one of the Stages, it will reveal the leads currently set to that Stage.


Creating a New Lead

When creating a new Lead, the page below is available. Optional additional fields to add include:

Expected Close Date > the date you expect to be able to convert the lead into business.
% Success Rate > the percentage likelihood that the lead will convert. This percentage normally increases as the stages progress so that when you review the overall sales pipeline, a proportional value is being calculated.
Expected Value > the monetary value of the Lead should it be successfully converted to business

NOTE - You can set up your stages and the respective % Success Rate in the Management Portal Settings > CRM Settings > Pipeline Stages


Swiping to Action

As with other components of the App, you can swipe from the left to communicate and swipe from the right to Action.

Swiping from the Left to communicate with the Lead


Swiping from the Right to trigger Actions

You will note in the image below that you can easily convert the lead to a New Quote, a New Job or a New Invoice depending on your business process.

The grey button option “Change Stage” enables you to change the Stage or status of the lead to another Stage.


Change the Lead Stage

To change the Lead Stage, select the grey “Change Stage” option as above and a dropdown of available stages will appear as below. Simply then select the new Stage and press Save.

The Stage will be changed along with the % Likelihood of Success and Pipeline Value


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