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3.6 Form Actions - triggering different actions when a form is submitted

Once a Form has been created, you can decide what Actions you would like triggered when a Form is Submitted.

To access the Form Actions:

  1. Select the Form from the Forms > View Forms menu
  2. You will then be taken to Edit Form page, a sub-menu is available including the Actions option
  3. Edit Forms

  4. Select the Form Action and complete all related fields.

    Form Actions include:

    Send Email
    Send Email and PDF
    Insert Update Database
    Email XML
    Email Report with PDF Attachment
    Post XML
    Register Log update

  5. Further Form customization is available under the Options Tab


    Form Options include:
    Adding a sequential number to a report (such as an Invoice or Work Order Number)
    Setting the Default Status of the Submitted Form
    Setting an Expiry Date to a Submitted Form
    Including Geo Coordinates to the Default Reports
    Assigning the Form to User Groups
    Enabling different User Groups to Edit the Form

    Further detail is available on the Options and Actions pagesā€ƒ

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