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5.3 Contacts Module

Contacts Module

The Contact Module has been designed so that all of the following elements can be viewed and actioned without leaving the page.

Contact Overview Page

Search,Filter and Review Full Contact list
View ID, Status, Name, Company, Phone, Email, Address, Latest Note on one page
Click to view individual contact page
Create New Contacts


Customize Contact Types eg Customer, Supplier
Customize Contact Status eg. Active, Inactive, VIP
Customize Lead Source eg Yellow Pages, Facebook
Add Custom Fields to suit your business
Add Billing & Shipping Details
Add Multiple Contacts for each client
Add Multiple Locations for each client


The Communication module activates and records all related communications in one location

  1. Communication > Tasks
  2. View Client Task Status > Open, Overdue & Closed
    Create a New Task
    Create and Save Task Types
    Add Task Title and Description
    Set Due Date and Time
    Add Custom Tags to task
    Assign to Users
    Add “Related to” tags linking the task to one or more contacts and jobs
    View Task History

  3. Communication > Notes
  4. Save a New Note
    Save a New Note and Create a Task using the Note details
    Review Note History

  5. Communication > Send
  6. Send Email, SMS, Notification or Letter
    Auto populate all elements with Contact Details
    Select Templates from dropdowns for each communication type
    Use placeholders to auto insert information into all communication templates
    Create Tasks on completion of all communication types pulling communication content
    Preview SMS, Email and Letter content before sending with all placeholder text

  7. Communication > Call
  8. All numbers presented to make call
    Start Call opens call notes and records duration of call
    All call notes saved in call history and note history
    Can be connected to auto-dial to automate call dialling
    End Call can also trigger new Task pulling in call notes to create Task

  9. Communication > History
  10. View complete Timeline of all communications


The Activity Module records and monitors all activity related to the contact

  1. Activity > Jobs
  2. View all jobs related to that client including their status > Active, In-Progress, Recurring, Complete and Overdue
    View Location, Name, Job No, Priority, Order No, Due Date, Assigned to and Status
    Create New Job for that contact direct from page

  3. Activity > Forms
  4. Search and View all Submitted Forms related to the client

  5. Activity > Reminders
  6. Create automated reminders for both internal and external automated communications
    View and Future scheduled Reminders
    View Historic Reminders.

  7. Activity > Documents
  8. Assign any type of document to a Client such as Agreements, Pricing Table, Site Plans.
    Create custom folders and documents to the folders
    Version Control on all documents added
    Expiry Date of documents added with automated reminder solution as documents approach expiry.
    View All Documents
    Add New Documents
    View Archived Documents

  9. Activity > Photos
  10. Add and View Photos related to the Client

  11. Activity > Leads
  12. Create, View and Manage Leads and Enquiries

  13. Activity > Quotes
  14. Prepare quotes quickly and efficiently using your invoice line items
    One click to convert Quote to Invoice

    To come: Automated Quote Follow up - customized follow ups at defined times.

  15. Activity > Invoices
  16. Create a fully integrated invoice with just a few clicks
    Elements include Line Items, Tax Rates, Discount Rates & Multi Currency
    Create independent invoice or directly into Xero
    Monitor payment status

    To come: Automated Invoice chasing - customized outstanding invoice chasing

  17. Activity > Payments
  18. Recording payments to suppliers.
    Create independent Payment Record or directly into Xero

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