Formitize CRM

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5.1 Formitize CRM

Automate your business and manage your customers, jobs, invoicing, communications and history all in one simple but powerful CRM solution.

The Formitize CRM is a fully integrated, cloud based customer relationship management system. It is designed to store your customer and supplier contact information and to record all communications, transactions, job details, invoices and history with those contacts.

Whist the CRM works beautifully as a stand-alone solution for any business, it is perfect for field based teams with job management, job scheduling and automated reminder solutions included.

The CRM benefits from the complete flexibility and power of the Formitize mobile forms solution so both job based forms and safety forms can be completely customised to meet any specific requirements or job type.

The Formitize CRM also includes an efficient internal Task Management system, a Lead Follow Up solution and a Job Quoting solution to ensure maximum conversions and efficient, professional client communication.

The CRM functionality will be available via the Formitize Cloud Management Portal and the App which is available across both Apple, Android and Windows 10 platforms.

Setting up your CRM

To setup and customize the CRM to suit your business, please go to the SETTINGS menu and then select CRM SETTINGS from the dropdown.

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