Release: Mar 15, 2023

Mailchimp Integration is now LIVE!
Formitize Mailchimp Integration Guide

Formitize Mailchimp Integration Guide


What it does

The Formitize Mailchimp integration is an easy to setup connection between Mailchimp and Formitize. It allows you to push Clients and Contacts from the Formitize CRM into Mailchimp, enabling you to harness Mailchimp’s powerful marketing platform to create campaigns and communicate en masse with your clients.


How it works

The integration is designed to be as seamless as possible once setup and will continue to work with little to no intervention on your part. However, if you wish to know exactly how Formitize interacts with your Mailchimp account, here are the details:


  • After you setup the Mailchimp integration in your Formitize account, all of the Contacts of your chosen Contact Types are sent over to Mailchimp.
  • New Contacts which are added to the Formitize CRM are automatically sent across to Mailchimp
  • Edits to existing Contacts are automatically sent across to Mailchimp
  • Each Contact’s First Name, Last Name and Email are sent.
  • If no email exists on the Contact, the Contact is not sent to Mailchimp
  • If a Contact already exists in Mailchimp (including prior to integrating with Formitize), the details of the contact from Formitize are used to update the existing Contact
  • If a Contact is deleted from Formitize, that Contact is NOT deleted or archived from Mailchimp. The Contact will need to be removed from within your Mailchimp account. 
  • The integration is “one way” - Formitize passes information to Mailchimp, but does not “pull” information from Mailchimp. Contacts added to Mailchimp but not to Formitize will not be synchronised back to Formitize.
  • If the Mailchimp integration profile is updated to use a different Contact Type, any previously Contacts which have been pushed to Mailchimp will remain in Mailchimp - they will NOT be removed automatically. Any new Contacts from the newly chosen Contact Type will be pushed to Mailchimp shortly after saving the Integration Profile.


Getting Started + Setup

To get started with the Mailchimp integration, you first need to create an Integration Profile in Formitize.


Navigate to Settings -> Integrate -> Mailchimp



Click the ‘Start Setup’ button



On the Integration Profiles screen, click the ‘New Profile’ button



Choose Mailchimp from the Platform dropdown menu, then click ‘Create Profile’ from the Authentication Profile dropdown menu



After being taken off to Mailchimp where you’ll need to login (if you haven’t already). You’ll be asked to allow Formitize to interact with your Mailchimp account. Click the ‘Approve’ button to grant Formitize the necessary permissions.



You should now have an integration profile setup. You can now choose which Audience and Contact Types you’d like to use with your Mailchimp integration.



After you’ve chosen your Contact Types and Audience, click Save. This will begin the process of sending all selected Clients and their Contacts over to Mailchimp. Depending on how many Contacts you have on your Formitize account, this may take up to an hour to complete - however, it usually happens in under 5 minutes.


Congratulations, your Formitize contacts are now in Mailchimp ready for your next campaign.